Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide emergency tree removal services?

    Yes, we offer emergency tree removal services for situations such as storm damage or when a tree poses an immediate threat. Contact us, and we’ll respond promptly to assess and address the issue.

  • Why might I need to have a tree removed from my property?

    Trees are typically removed due to factors such as disease, decay, storm damage, safety concerns, interference with structures, or when they pose a threat to other vegetation.

  • Will the entire tree be removed, including the stump?

    Our tree removal services typically include cutting down the tree, removing branches, and grinding the stump to ground level. Stump removal ensures a clean and level surface after the tree is gone.

  • Can you provide an estimate for tree removal costs?

    Yes, we offer free estimates based on factors such as tree size, location, complexity, and any additional services requested. Contact us to schedule an assessment and receive a detailed estimate.

  • Why is tree trimming important?

    Tree trimming, or pruning, is crucial for maintaining tree health, promoting growth, removing dead or diseased branches, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the tree and landscape.

  • How often should I have my trees trimmed?

    The frequency of tree trimming depends on factors like tree species, age, and overall health. Generally, most trees benefit from an annual trimming, while some may require more frequent attention.

  • How does tree trimming benefit tree health?

    Trimming improves air circulation, reduces disease risk, and encourages the development of a strong branch structure. It also removes dead or weak branches, promoting overall tree vitality.

  • How often should I schedule comprehensive tree care for my property?

    The frequency depends on the specific needs of your trees. Typically, an annual assessment is recommended, with additional services scheduled as needed based on the health, age, and species of the trees.

  • What types of firewood do you offer for sale?

    We offer a variety of seasoned hardwoods, including oak, maple, hickory, and cherry, ensuring high-quality firewood for efficient and clean burning.

  • How do you measure and sell firewood?

    We measure firewood in cords, a standard unit of measurement for stacked wood. Our pricing is based on the volume of wood you purchase.

  • Can I replant a tree in the same location after stump grinding?

    Yes, stump grinding creates a suitable environment for replanting, as it eliminates the impediment of the old stump and encourages healthy root growth for new plantings.