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Premium Firewood for Warmth

L&B Tree Service offers top-quality firewood supply, sourced locally for the eco-conscious consumer. Choose firewood that’s dry, clean, and ready for burning. Revel in the warmth of your fireplace while being kind to the environment.

Quality Firewood Supply in Henderson, KY, and Surrounding Areas

L&B Tree Service specializes in providing premium firewood supply in Henderson, KY. All our hardwood is locally sourced, ensuring an eco-friendly choice for your heating needs. Dry, clean, and free from pests, our firewood is ideal for both residential and commercial use. Trust a local firewood supplier to deliver promptly, with the best practices for environmental conservation in mind.


Best Practices for Firewood Storage

Following these steps ensures efficient burning and keeps your firewood in optimal condition. When storing firewood, it’s essential to follow best practices. Keep your firewood dry and protected from insects:

  • Use a firewood rack or storage shed
  • Cover firewood with a tarp
  • Store away from home to avoid insects
  • Use local, dry firewood

Trust Us for Firewood in Henderson, KY

L&B Tree Service in Henderson, KY is dedicated to supplying the finest firewood. We go above and beyond to ensure our firewood is dry, clean, and locally sourced. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility makes us the go-to choice for both residential and commercial clients looking for quality firewood.

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